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To improve health, prevent illness, ease chronic conditions, and help people take charge of their health and well being through personal assessments, focused education, and coordinated care offered with compassion and integrity

Emerging Healthcare is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization providing health and wellness services, education, and research in community settings. Our collaborative and compassionate group of emerging and complementary health practitioners, clinical and public health educators, and interdisciplinary researchers are committed to prevention and helping people experience a balanced and vibrant life. Palliative care is also available to ease the way for families struggling with chronic conditions and life limiting illnesses. We listen carefully, and honor and support our client’s decisions.

What makes us unique?
Emerging Healthcare is a leader in the healthcare arena. We are creating a system of Coordinated, Compassionate, Competent, Community-Based Care that honors the whole person. We nurture the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental interconnected aspects of well being. Through Emerging Healthcare, individuals and families have a single point of entry to a wide array of integrated healthcare options to meet their unique needs, desires and goals.

Imagine… Improving Healthcare Quality, Access, Efficiency and Equity
Based on global experience, multiple segments of our medical industry will benefit from collaborating with Emerging Healthcare including:
• Physicians: The exponentially increasing numbers of chronically ill patients require more time and personalized attention than physicians are usually able to give. We offer patient/family-centered care in coordination with attending physicians.
• Insurance companies: Our focus on prevention, non-pharmaceutical, and less invasive interventions that can produce significant cost savings.
• Consumers: Our programs and services empower individuals and families with self-management strategies to take more responsibility for their health and well-being, relieve stress and pain naturally, and make healthy lifestyle choices.

We begin with the end in mind…
What is considered visionary through Emerging Healthcare today is the new frontier of mainstream medicine in the United States. We are improving access to blended best practices of complementary therapies, as recognized by the National Institutes of Health, with conventional medicine to optimize outcomes. The result – a healthier, happier YOU living a full and vibrant life!

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