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Emerging Healthcare is unique. We are creating an organized system of Coordinated, Compassionate, Competent, Community-Based Care to improve quality of life. People from all walks of life will be able to easily access to blended best practices of both conventional and complementary medicine to live fully. Community support in terms of people power, materials, and funding is essential to realize our vision.

YOU can make a difference…

Rally Resources – Direct human, material and financial resources our way.
Educate - Tell your friends, families, and colleagues.
Live It! - Create a balanced and vibrant life.
Advocate - Grow common vision and contact community leaders and legislators.
Technical Support - Improve our administrative systems.
Initiate Education Programs - Generate interest among your community affiliations.
Optimize Our Options - Become an Emerging Healthcare service provider.
Nurture Yourself - Use integrated approaches that support your own health and well being.
Share - Tell us your personal stories, ideas, and suggestions.
Help Identify Community Needs – With sufficient funding, we can develop pilot projects.
Inspire Action - Teach by example; encourage families to adopt healthier lifestyles.
Partner With Us - Develop collaborative programs and services together.
Serve through Volunteering - Bring your presence and unique skills to build our organization today!

Thank you for sharing the care…

As we act locally, we are thinking about helping communities nationwide. We recognize that what is considered visionary through Emerging Healthcare today, is the new frontier of mainstream medicine in the United States. Your participation is vital to our success, and collectively we cannot fail.

donate now

Even a small contribution can make a big difference. You can underwrite a particular project, maintain a continuing program, or aid our organization’s critical everyday needs.

Please make your tax deductible contributions payable to:
Emerging Healthcare
95 Whitfield Drive, Suite C
Jasper, Georgia 30143.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

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