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Changing Lifestyles, Changing Mindsets, Awakening Awareness…

Emerging Healthcare is dedicated to improving healthcare quality, access, efficiency and equity. Success depends on a collaborative community of competent and compassionate health and wellness practitioners from all areas of the healthcare arena who are committed to achieving this shared vision.

Emerging Healthcare is a unique community-based model building seamless access to healthcare services to achieve and sustain a balanced and vibrant life. Palliative care based on best practices is also available for the chronically and terminally ill, and their caregivers. Philosophically we:
• Nurture the innate healing capacity of the whole person.
• Offer relationship-centered care to deepen the quality of the healthcare experience for individuals and families.
• Integrate practices that connect the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental dimensions of health and well being.
• Blend complementary and emerging therapies, as recognized by the National Institutes of Health, with conventional practices to optimize outcomes.

Practitioners affiliated with Emerging Healthcare have multi-layered opportunities to:
• Increase your referrals
• Market your services professionally and with credibility
• Create and participate in meaningful community projects— and get paid for it!
• Receive ongoing education and training
• Develop a close and collaborative working relationship with colleagues

Helping People Take Responsibility For Their Health and Well-Being…
Emerging Healthcare believes in teaching by example, and nurturing ourselves while we serve others. Collectively we aim to improve the quality of life for the entire community—and show that this approach will save healthcare dollars! We assist clients to make informed decisions, and reach out to serve vulnerable populations. Our group of emerging and complementary health practitioners, clinical and public health educators, and interdisciplinary researchers provide the following to individuals, families, and organizations:
• Comprehensive assessments and individualized care plans
• Therapeutic sessions with you, our screened and trained practitioners
• Experiential community educational programs
• Ongoing quality control and evaluation
• Practitioner training and certification program
• Linkages to community-based support services
• Clinical and prevention-based research and evaluation studies

Join Us in Transforming Healthcare From the Inside Out…

Emerging Healthcare is a fluid and organic process that is unfolding based on those who become involved. Your unique skill sets and healing arts are welcome and needed to allow Emerging Healthcare to become all it can be in service to our communities.

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