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What We Offer:

  • Art
• Exercise physiology
• Equine therapy
• Healing Touch
• Hypnotherapy
• KinderMusik
• Laughter yoga
• Lifestyle coaching
• Music lessons
• Nature therapy
• Nursing

• Nutrition counseling
• Massage
• Meditation
• Music
• Psychotherapy
• Reflexology
• Reiki
• Social Work services
• Wilderness education
• Yoga for all ages
from infants to the elderly

And Much More…

Therapeutic sessions and our vast array of community education programs are conveniently available in the comfort of your home, workplace, and in healthcare and community settings.

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Imagine – Waking Up Everyday Feeling Full of Vitality

One size does NOT fit all … Emerging Healthcare offers compassionate coordinated care and support to people of all ages - from Itsy Bitsy Yoga for infants to Healthy Aging programs for our elders. Our whole person approach recognizes that the body, mind, spirit and environment are interconnected and influence health. With a focus on prevention, comfort and function, our motto is “small changes for BIG lifelong results!” Through personal assessments, focused education, and compassionate coordinated care our collaborative group of health practitioners work closely with you to improve your quality of life. Whenever possible you will be shown practices and self-care strategies that you can do on your own that can prevent illness and nurture a deep sense of well being.

Emerging healthcare serves people of all ages, and referrals may come from any source. We provide easy access to a wide range of coordinated health & wellness services. To facilitate this, we:
• Receive a referral from individuals or professionals
• Conduct a personal assessment, and if indicated, develop a care plan
• Refer to appropriate educational program(s), practitioner(s), and/or community resources
• Re-evaluate outcomes and modify the care plan if necessary
• Follow-up

Information visits are available upon request without obligation

healing hands

Our Hands ‘N Heart program
Easing the way for families struggling with cancer

Healing Touch is a gentle form of energy balancing that promotes deep relaxation. It is officially endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association and many other professional organizations. Emerging Healthcare’s Hands ‘N Heart program is based on Healing Partners, an enormously successful program of Stanford University now in its fifth year that has improved quality of life for almost 200 cancer survivors. We have trained 16 Healing Touch practitioners, and a prominent hospital in Atlanta is planning to serve their patients with our Hands ‘N Heart program.

We’re All About Connections: Blending best practices of
emerging therapies and conventional medicine…

Our aim is to grow relationships of trust and confidence with you and your healthcare providers to help you achieve and sustain a balanced and vibrant life. Emerging Healthcare offers a single point of entry to a myriad of information, products, and services to reduce pain, manage stress and relieve chronic conditions. Palliative comfort care based on best practices is also available for the chronically and terminally ill, and caregivers.

Emerging Healthcare celebrates diversity of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and culture.

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